The OERs developed under the intellectual output will deliver knowledge and skills in the spheres of digital presence of the performance artists. The competences will cover areas like:

4.         Technical specifics for performing online – requirements of the available streaming and ticketing platforms, video and audio specifics, mixing video content, lights and directing of the online performance content;

5.         Marketing specifics on reaching current and new audience – visual requirements, social marketing;

6.         Copyrights online and protection of performance artists interests. YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

The OERs will be elaborated and delivered in the form of written guidelines and/or video tutorials. They will meet the performance and music artists needs to put themselves more actively in the digital world and to prepare them for the “new normal” – physical distance, performing online, building and retaining audiences in the digital environment.

The tool will consist of the following features:

1. Member area with users’information– personal and professional data with respective access level.

2. Adaptation of existing OERs in accordance to the users needs and specific training activities. Adaptation may be possible for the timeframe, add-ons of theory and practice, adding tutorials, adding samples of performing practices parts, etc. 

3. Private messaging and users communication.

The online OERs database and training tools will be leveraged with the adaptation of a training module for streaming, marketing and selling tickets online

E-platform: Module Learning “OERs database and training tools“