The e-learning platform of the project, however, needs a practical training tool, to support the theory learned from the OERs database, and simultaneously practice what they have learned. For instance, when the learners study on how to make their mise-en-scène in the best possible way for streaming, they will have the chance to practice this through the online streaming practical tools of the platform. The practical training will be guided by their trainers and mentors. Thus, the practical part of the platform will have two important tools for its users:

1. Testing and exercising tool – in accordance to the learners needs and specific training activities. The tool will provide a streaming platform, where the performers can test their mise-en-scène, sound, technical connections, compatibility of software, etc.

2. Tool for bookmarking, discussion within a closed group of learners and/or trainers, online chat with the learners (when the training is provided in a live mode). 3. Tool for marketing and ticket system – the tool will provide practical training on how to market their events, including social marketing, how to sell tickets and how to develop ticket and audience segmentation.

E-platform: Module Practice “Online streaming, marketing and ticket system”