Culture Hub Bulgaria Foundation is registered in 2019 by a team of experienced professionals in the field of music, training of performing artists, impresario services, etc. The main ambition of the team is reflected in the organisation’s objectives:

• Promotion of good practices in the development of culture and education at local, regional, national and international levels;

• Development of creative solutions for the realization of cultural products and events;

• Creation, distribution and preservation of cultural property in the fields of theatre, music, cinema, audiovisual, literature, translation, dance, circus, plastic arts, architecture, design, folklore, cultural and historical heritage;

• Support for the creation of partnerships and cooperation in the field of education and culture;

• Creation and development of networks of organizations active in the field of education and culture;

• Support for the development of public-private partnerships and cultural entrepreneurship;

• Integration of technological solutions and innovations in the activities of the organization.

CHB is using education and culture to develop talent and opportunities for creative individuals, through transmission of knowledge and European expertise and through promotion of innovative practices.

CHB is owner of substantial professional technical equipment and a mobile studio, necessary for elaboration of the educational materials, as well as for the needs of shooting, streaming, and training.

Culture Hub Bulgaria Foundation – Bulgaria (Project Coordinator)