Event Production Ltd. is a company, registered in 2007. It has a long history of providing training and services in the field of audio-video and live performance, which are provided in three ways: (1) servicing internal partnerships and (2) training of staff-own and partners, (3) implementation of outsourcing services towards external partners. The Event Production staff is lecturing and participating in all training activities of its partners, and developing digital and theoretical courses on different professional fields.

The outsourcing services are mainly linked with the provision of AV and LP services on demand. Event Production is providing a full range of audio and video services in the creation of creative solutions for various needs. The main productions, offered by the company include:

    • Production of 3D animation and 3D visualizations

    • professional video capture music and commercials

    • audio and video post-production

    • interactive audio and video media

    • professional analog and digital multitrack recording of music

• composition and arrangement of music for films, commercials and performances

    • production of TV & Radio commercials

    • sound and multimedia presentations, seminars and corporate parties

    • flashings movies, commercials, animation and video games

    • making video presentations of companies and products

    • development of video tutorials and e-learning materials

    • audio mastering and video editing

    • audio and video effects for films and commercials

    • audio and video presentation materials

    • audio solutions for TV shows, movies and cartoons

Event Production Ltd. – Bulgaria (Partner)