The output will offer a revision of the available streaming and ticketing systems to perform events online and go make effective online marketing strategies. It will gather good practices and experiences on using platforms, such as Skype, Zoom, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo, etc. The revision will gather and synthesize information on the available instruments for streaming and ticketing, it will make a comparison on their pros-cons and will offer a background for further development of Guidelines for music performers for using and selection. The output will provide a research on the good practices and tutorial base among the project partnership, its network of peers and on the general available online resources. It will have as a result a list of the existing resources, their specifics in terms of format (web, mobile app, etc.), the sources of provision of those resources, the ownership rights, free access possibilities, etc.

The document will be elaborated in English, and partly translated into the project languages, and published on the project website. It will be accessible for all cultural operators and training providers for further usage and dissemination, as well as free to use to the adult learners.

All OERs that have to be developed under the project need their standard and methodology base, which will serve them as a strict process and templating of the trainings. It is needed for guaranteeing a high quality content, which will follow similar visual, systematic and didactic approach. The project target groups, will mostly benefit from a consistent and structured Guidelines which will support their efforts to create and make use of coherent training materials in using digital streaming and ticketing systems.

The Guidelines will provide knowledge and guidance for the trainers in the CCS and for self-learning tool for the performance artists. The document will privde a methodology for development of OERs in order to make effective use of the available streaming and ticketing platforms, and will systematically lead them through the process of preparation for streaming, marketing and and selling online. The Guidleines will also consist of structured OERs design for performance artists on:

1.         Technical specifics for performing online – requirements of the available streaming and ticketing platforms, video and audio specifics, mixing video content, lights and directing of the online performance content;

2.         Marketing specifics on reaching current and new audience – visual requirements, social marketing;

3.         Copyrights online and protection of performance artists interests. YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

In addition to that, the output will result in elaborated Assignment for development of an online e-learning platform for OERs, including practical streaming, marketing and ticketing systems. The Assignment will mirror the Guidelines and OERs, and will offer a technical solution for piloting an OER database and a streaming, marketing and ticketing system for practical training.

Review and analysis of resources for digital transformation; Development of Assignment; Guidelines for digital presence of the performers