The First transnational project meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the period 04 – 06 October 2021. The meeting was attended by a total of 10 participants from all project partners. All partners have introduced themselves and presented their core activities and success stories, relative to the project.

The project coordinator has made a presentation of the project, as well as review of the activities, which have been implemented by the time of the meeting.

An explanation of the rationale of the project was made, pointing out the main problems in the sphere of performance arts and the project contribution to responding to those challenges:

    • Performing and music artists are hardly hit by the covid 19 measures
    • Benefits from extra-demands to the online streaming platforms were mainly accrued to the largest companies in the industry
    • Young performers have an ever-emerging difficulties in penetrating the market and achieving growth
    • Senior artists have issues in operating with the digital technologies and online rules
    • Copy rights and intellectual property violation online should be addressed to the public and regulatory authorities

A review of the project objectives and target groups was made, explaining in details their meaning. The approaches to reaching the target groups were also described and their benefit from the project. In terms of the review and analytics part, as well as the development of the OERs and Guidelines, a detailed presentation of the tasks related to the specific activities was made. The partners input to the implementation of those specific tasks is expected in terms of cooperation with the leading team and providing feedback on the elaborated texts, as well as providing translation to some of the resumes, subtitles, etc.

The presentation of the e-learning platform was graphic and included the specific feature set and tools, which the two modules of the platform will provide to the trainers and learners.

The activities review was complemented with a presentation of the software modules, which are already in a process of development. Kris, being the expert for development of the practice module, has joined the meeting online and presented to the partnership the pilot pages of the streaming platform, as well as its structure and features.

Alex, who is engaged in the development of the training module and the landing page, has also presented a sample of a training system, which will hold the structure and the content of the OERs and Guidelines.

Jean has spotlighted the problems of the venue sector and specifically those of the music sector, the challenges of the online streaming services and the hard breakthrough of the young artists and musicians.

As the project budget and timeframe was downscaled, the partnership will hold only one more TPM, which will be hosted by Mitra, France in the spring of 2022. The partnership has also decided that the LTT event at the end of the project, will be organized at the beginning of July in Varna, Bulgaria.

Follow up to the meeting was proposed, as following:

  1. Тerms of references for input tо:
    • Рeview and analysis processes
    • Testing and debugging of the systems
    • Translation of documents and interfaces
  2. 2.Continuing development of the software modules
  3. Legal consultations about the copy rights and the intellectual property issues, preparation of the documentation and contract templates
First Transnational Project Meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria